KIKO Vitamins Pty Ltd trading as Kiko Vitals was founded by two Cape Town-based sisters, Kerri-Lee Taylor and Samantha Taylor who set out on a mission to: 

1.         Give women a solid support foundation for their hormones.

2.         Prove that women do not have to be victims of their cycles. 

We’re committed to bringing hope, ending the suffering and show South African women that there is a way through. 

Throughout history, as women, we’ve been made to feel our femininity is a weakness. We’re constantly being told, “Don't be so sensitive…” “Don't be so moody…” “Take the pill…every day. Forever….”

We’ve been forced to suppress the innate power of what we can offer the world.

Did You Know

- One in 10 women suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)?
- Most women get called “crazy” at some point during their cycle?
- About 60% of South African women have little or no education about menstruation and sanitary care? 

This is why we’ve spent the last two years consulting with female wellness practitioners, scientists and real women with real hormonal symptoms. 

    The Result

    The most comprehensive hormone balancing capsule on the market! Period!

    We are determined to heal women's cycles and balance the irregularities caused by society's stress. 

    We also want to find more ways to collaborate and give back so we can build a community of Goddesses!

    The KIKO Mission 

    We can all be Goddesses

    We want to empower women of all ages, colours and sizes by healing their symptoms, so they can step into their innate power and glow from within.

    Sensitivity is not a weakness

    Women are winners! We want to help women heal their bodies and live intuitively.

    Created by Nature. Perfected by Science

    We are big advocates of Nature’s pharmacy, but we also love the power of science. The careful combination of the two is what sets us apart.

    Kind to your body, kind to our planet

    Because KIKO comes from Nature, protecting our natural environment is a fundamental part of who we are. This is why all ingredients are 100% vegan, and all our packaging is 100% recyclable. 

    It Ends Now

    Ninety percent of women have their lives disrupted by menstrual symptoms every month. Because we are taught to believe it’s “just part of being a woman,” we mask the pain with toxic drugs, alter our hormones with synthetic birth control, or cancel our plans and simply suffer.

    None of this is normal. None of this is natural. And none of this has to be your story.

    It ends now.