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Backed by science

Our products are taken from nature, perfected by science.

100% natural

Gentle & nourishing from the inside out. No fillers, no nasties.

Real results

Inspiring thousands of women to claim back their feminine power!

Women made

Feminine wellness products formulated by women for women.

Inner Dose of Radiance

Less Bloating

Your gut will thank us. Experience less bloating and less abdominal period cramps on your Kiko Journey.

Improved Mood

Say "bye-bye" to mood swings and hello to a more harmonious mood.

Clear Complexion

That Kiko glow is real! Our powerful bioactive ingredients can assist in clearing up your skin too. clearing up your skin inflammation too.

Radiant Energy

Let your beautiful aura shine through with energy that illuminates like the moon.


"This product has honestly changed my life."

— Sandra


"I drink your hormone balancing supplement religiously."

— Melissa


"I have so much energy, I'm like a different person."

— Katherine

"I drink your product religiously! It's the best thing I have discovered since ever, really so so impressed with the results I have been getting, thank you!"

— Kiko Babe

"I suffered terribly from PCOS and nothing I did seemed to help. Kiko is the first thing I’ve tried that made a noticeable difference. After years of suffering, I can honestly say I am finally hopeful that I’m now well on the way to living a more normal life.."

— Kiko Babe

"I was aware of the terrible side effects and long term dangers of being on the pill, but after I stopped using it my skin started breaking out and my hormones were not in sync, after just one month of using Kiko I have noticed such a difference in both!."

— Kiko Babe

Balance is Beautiful

Taken from nature. Perfected by science. Kiko is an all-natural, 100% vegan wellness range, formulated to find balance within your body.

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