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A short guide Guide to Biohacking your hormones

These days, biohacking is all the rage. The idea that we may improve our physiology through lifestyle and nutrition is frequently discussed in expert health blogs and popular podcasts. However, you may have noticed that the vast majority of people who discuss biohacking are men. 

You may have also noticed that the majority of scientific study on nutrition and lifestyle is conducted on guys and/or male laboratory animals.

That’s wonderful… for men. Biohacking is the process of enhancing health through diet, lifestyle, exercise, and tailored supplements. However, due to hormonal differences, males and women have different demands. As a result, what works for men may not always work as well, in the same way, or at all for women.

If you have hormone-related health issues, such as heavy periods, severe PMS, bloating, acne, fibroids, PCOS, irritability, sleeplessness, poor libido, infertility, irregular or missing periods, and/or hormone-related headaches, you can biohack your way to improved health. However, in order to achieve the optimum outcomes, you must biohack for your specific female physiology.

Cycle sync your food

Eating to alleviate period discomfort necessitates aligning your weekly diet planning with your 28-day cycle. Women have different nutritional and energy needs during each week of the month, unlike males, who may flourish by eating the same way every day, and you’ll look and feel your best if you match the vegetables, meats, plant proteins, fruits, and legumes you eat to your changing hormonal needs. Consider this: as your hormones fluctuate, so will your menu!

Cycle sync your exercise

To optimize your hormonal health, one should tailor their workouts to their cycle. Your body is geared for different types of activity during your cycle, just as it seeks different types of nutrients.

Ditch coffee

Caffeine has been linked to an increase in the development of benign breast disease. For women with PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and fibrocystic breasts, caffeine is a definite method to develop more cysts. Caffeine also interferes with hormone health in various ways.

Supplement like a girl

Women have particular micronutrient requirements, and we can’t expect good hormonal health—or even ideal general health—if we follow generic supplement recommendations. We require nutrients that are customized to our specific female physiology. This is why the Kiko Hormone Balancing supplements are the best. Balancing supplements are there to deal with Hormone imbalance problems that women face.


Always remember that once you have the correct understanding on how your body works, you can begin making health choices that will finally work for you! You can do it — your body’s science is on your side!

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