Cycle Syncing with Herbal Supplements

PMS is can be painful to some women and in others being a medical alert. One shouldn’t have to suffer through one week of pain, bloating, acne, brain fog, and lethargy every month. You shouldn’t waste so much time feeling bad because you don’t deserve all of those missed weeks of productivity and being less present and engaged in your life.

You have the ability to restore your health and your life. How? By addressing the underlying causes of period discomfort and PMS through diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

At Kiko Vitals, we think that all women should have accessible, inexpensive access to reproductive care. We’ve helped thousands of women all over the world balance their hormones and recover their health via nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes over the past few years. Our tried-and-true protocol is supported by science and research to help you achieve real-world results.

Yes, you can use ibuprofen to address your period troubles on the spot. But, let’s face it, you already knew that spot treatment didn’t work. If spot treatment worked, you would take an ibuprofen or Midol and be completely relieved. Your tiredness would vanish. Your acne would clear up in no time. You would feel healthy and good for the entire month.

Why spot treatment doesn’t work?

  • Spot treatments mask symptoms rather than addressing the underlying reasons. Ibuprofen may provide temporary relief, but the hormonal imbalances that cause your symptoms remain undiagnosed and unaddressed – and, in many cases, worsen.
  • Spot treatment involves taking supplements ONLY when you have symptoms, and your system is already out of balance by the time you have symptoms. The hormonal imbalances, vitamin shortages, and system-wide asymmetries that are causing you to feel miserable are already well-known, and spot treating will not resolve them.

What’s the key to reducing PMS symptoms and enjoying better periods every month?

It’s about supporting your hormones throughout your 28-day cycle, not just popping a tablet when symptoms arise. To have a better period, do the OPPOSITE of spot treating: The key is to employ certain herbs and vitamins at each stage of your monthly cycle to address fundamental reasons BEFORE they become bothersome, undesirable symptoms.

The Advantages of Using Herbs and Supplements to Synchronize Your Cycle

You will relieve PMS symptoms AND do so much more if you choose the appropriate foods, adaptogens, and herbs at the right time of your cycle. You will encounter:

  • Consistent, clear mental focus every day of the month
  • Consistent energy levels every day of the month
  • Clear skin all month long
  • No bloating or cramping the week before your period
  • Steadier mood without dramatic mood swings

Understanding your hormone cycle, which is governed by the infradian rhythm, and supporting your body in key ways during each phase of the cycle are the first steps toward successfully synchronizing your food, supplement, and lifestyle choices with your 28-day hormone cycle — and freeing yourself from PMS and problem periods.

Support Your Body’s Second Cycle: The Infradian Rhythm

Menstruating women are subjected to two biological cycles:

THE CIRCADIAN RHYTHM is the 24-hour biological cycle that people of all genders experience. It regulates the sleep-wake cycle and energy swings throughout the day.

THE INFRADIAN RHYTHM is the 28-day hormonal cycle. The infradian rhythm is divided into four phases, each of which requires a different herb or vitamin to balance hormones and keep symptoms at bay.

The infradian rhythm, often known as the’second clock’ of the body, has an effect on six distinct physiological systems:

  • Brain
  • Metabolism
  • Immune system
  • Microbiome
  • Stress response system
  • Reproductive system

How significant is the infradian rhythm on these six systems?

  • Each month, the infradian rhythm causes a 25% change in your brain chemistry, which means you will have varying levels of focus and varied areas of strength. When you schedule your activities in accordance with your infradian rhythm, you can increase your productivity while decreasing your stress.
  • The infradian rhythm causes metabolism to accelerate and decelerate, necessitating adjustments to when and what you consume, as well as how you exercise.
  • Cortisol levels rise during particular parts of the infradian cycle; therefore, without adequate support and care during those phases, you may feel increased stress and inflammation, and your exercises may be counterproductive (depending on the sort of workouts you undertake).
  • Your skin changes as your infradian rhythm progresses, which means that you will benefit from varied skin care procedures at various times of the month.
  • Because your hormones fluctuate during the infradian cycle, your body requires a variety of herbs and supplements to maintain equilibrium. Additionally, targeted herbs aid in the detoxification process and nourish the entire body.

Four different phases define the infradian rhythm. Your body and brain undergo major changes at each phase due to fluctuating levels of reproductive hormones:

Phase 1: Follicular (the 7 to 10 days after your period)

2nd Phase: Ovulatory (the to 4 days in the middle of your cycle)

Phase 3: Luteal (the 10 to 14 days between ovulation and your period)

Phase 4: Menstrual (the 3 to 7 days of your period)

The Best Herbal Supplements for Each Phase of Your Infradian Rhythm

Because your hormone levels fluctuate each week and you experience unique symptoms as a result of those hormonal ratios, it makes sense for you to use vitamins in a phase-specific manner to alleviate symptoms and smooth out your cycle.

The Kiko Vitals Supplements were created to provide you with the specific assistance you require for a symptom-free cycle. These supplements provide the herbal and micronutrient architecture necessary to address the underlying causes of period difficulties and alleviate symptoms such as premenstrual syndrome, bloating, acne, mood swings, low energy, and exhaustion. And you simply select the one that corresponds to the phase you are currently in – period.

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