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Mother’s May: A Month-long Celebration of the Womb as the Portal to Life and Honouring Mother Earth

Why celebrate mothers just one day a year when their love is felt every single day? This year, Kiko Vitals invites you to think bigger. Welcome to “Mother’s May,” a month-long celebration of the power of motherhood, the miracle of the womb, and the nurturing spirit of Mother Earth.

The Womb: The Portal to Life

First and foremost, “Mother’s May” honours the womb, the extraordinary cradle of life. This miracle of nature holds the potential for creation and embodies the nurturing spirit of motherhood. Let’s take this month to marvel at the womb’s significant role in the circle of life, preparing and renewing itself for the possibility of new life, just as Mother Earth does with her cycles.

Honouring Mother Earth

“Mother’s May” is also an homage to our ultimate life-giver – Mother Earth. She sustains us with the essentials – air, water, food, and shelter. Her rhythms guide us, and her diverse landscapes inspire us. In her, we see the same nurturing and life-sustaining qualities that we see in our own mothers and the womb.

In this special month, let’s renew our commitment to care for Mother Earth. From adopting sustainable practices to advocating for environmental protection, every small step we take is a testament to our love and care for our planet.

Celebrating with Kiko Vitals

Mother's May

Kiko Vitals is delighted to join you in your “Mother’s May” celebrations. We invite you to honour the womb and Mother Earth through wellness and balance. Our wellness products, including the Feminine Supplement Range, are inspired by nature’s wisdom and the practices of holistic health.

Experience the “Hormone Balance” capsules, formulated to align with your body’s natural rhythms, like Mother Earth’s cycles. The “Debloat + Gut Glow” capsules are designed to support a healthy gut, reflecting the nurturing energy of the womb. And don’t forget our “Prebiotic + Probiotic” supplement, a perfect addition to your wellness routine, fostering a vibrant gut microbiome, an essential aspect of overall health and wellbeing. These supplements stand as our tribute to the life-giving power of the womb and Mother Earth​​.


“Mother’s May” is a journey of love, health, and balance. It’s a time to honour not just our mothers but also the womb and Mother Earth. Let’s appreciate their nurturing energy and the beautiful cycles of life and renewal they represent. Join Kiko Vitals in celebrating “Mother’s May,” a month of honouring the wonders of the womb and Mother Earth.

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