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The wait is over Kiko Babes! 

Introducing Kiko Bloat, your lifelong support, your everyday go-to, and your ultimate Summer essential! 

Over the last year we’ve been sourcing only the highest quality, and purest ingredients that don’t just work, but work Instantly!  

The result? 

A truly one-of-a-kind supplement that will change your relationship with the food you eat, and allow you to start loving your gut and stop fighting with it. 

Let’s give you the low down shall we? 

Yes, we called it Bloat, but boy is that an understatement…

So what exactly does Bloat do? 

Reduces gastrointestinal issues.
Reduces symptoms associated with IBS.
Relieves bloating, cramps, indigestion, puffiness and water-retention. 
Is an effective digestive enzyme.
Enhances nutrient absorption
Provides nourishing gut support.

And we know you’re dying to know what this magical elixir is made up of…

No fillers. no GMOs, 6 organic ingredients, that’s it:

Organic Dandelion Root 
Organic Slippery Elm
Papaya Enzyme (Organic)
peppermint (organic)
Organic Lemon Balm  
Organic Ginger Root

PS: Papaya enzyme is the main ingredient in bloat, and will undoubtedly give your skin a gorgeous summer glow. 

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