Mastering your sexual confidence

Spoiler alert: you don’t need anyone to make you feel sexually confident. It all begins and ends with you babe. Sexual confidence is not nearly as much about technical skills in the bedroom as you may think. In fact, it hardly is at all.

sexually confident

Most people think being confident in the bedroom is about how sexually active you are, how many orgasms you have, or much noise you make. But in reality? It is SO much deeper than that.

Sexual confidence is about understanding your own body, feeling worthy to receive pleasure, using your voice to fulfill your desires, and being completely present during pleasure.

Here are 3 Steps to becoming gain sexual confidence :

1. Reconnect with and heal your relationship with your body

Sexual Confidence

Our body is the vehicle through which we express ourselves and receive pleasure. If we are disconnected from our bodies, we feel anxious and unable to relax during pleasure. The good news is, you can reconnect and heal your relationship with your body without having to change a damn thing about it!

Tip: Stand as naked as you are comfortable with in front of a mirror every day. Acknowledge every inch of your body. Say out-loud what you love about your body, and what it is about your body you are grateful for.

2. Discover your own desires

Discover your own desires

Because your sexuality is rooted in having a better understanding of yourself, getting to know yourself on a more intimate level is key to mastering your sexual confidence. When you know what you desire and feel worthy of receiving it, you are likely to get it. Take the time to think about what you are wanting or needing sexually in your life right now- it may be completely different to what you wanted in college, or before you had kids, or hell- even last week!

Tip: Take the time to discover your body. Experiment what you like and dislike in the safety of your own company and no one else. After all, how can you expect someone else to know what you like if you don’t even know yourself?

3. Start intimate communication

Start intimate communication

Speaking up in the bedroom is your gateway to experiencing more pleasure, more connection, and more intimacy. Whether you’re single, in a new relationship or longterm relationship-we often let the “it will be over soon” or “I don’t want to hurt their feelings” thoughts take over our experience. When you internalize your feelings of “this is not doing anything for me” your body starts to close off and shut down to the experience. Once you become comfortable speaking up- your needs are met, your desires are met, and you get to connect and explore.

Tip: Use a language and tone that is an invitation to what you desire. Rather than saying what you don’t want or like, focus on what you do want. “I love it when you do this, you were doing something earlier that felt so good.” Speak from place that feels good for you to say out loud but also for your partner to receive it.


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