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7 Kiko Tips To Get That Summer glow

The skin’s appearance, and no not just your face- is a reflection of overall health and wellness, from how we eat to how we move.

We’re bringing you our top 7 tips to get that dewy, radiant all-over-body summer glow. 

1. Exfoliate every. Single. Day.

But gently, of course. The main cause of an uneven dull looking complexion? A build up of dead cells stuck on your skin. 

2. Get sweaty.

 We know you’re in holiday mode, but moving and grooving  boosts blood to your skin, floods your organs with oxygen rich blood, brings out all the impurities and bacteria from the lower layers of the skin. 

3. Glow from the inside out. 

Whether it’s on top of a salad or in a smoothie, these are the foods you want to be munching on to supply the skin with  nutrients from the inside out:  miso, berries, carrots, dark chocolate, sardines, nuts, turmeric, bell peppers, citrus fruits acai, pumpkin, leafy greens oatmeal, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, avocado, ginger, and Chia seeds

4. Ice Ice Baby! 

Ice reduces puffiness and tones the skin like nothing else. The coldness also helps relieve frustrated acne-prone skin. It also brings all the blood to the skin making it peachy and glowing. Hello there, blushed glow!

5. No Spa? No Problem

Walk right in to your kitchen and make up natural body polishes that promise glowing skin with these simple ingredients: Raw Milk and rose water, turmeric, honey and lemon, raw potato juice, green tea and cucumber, papaya and oatmeal. 

6. Sound Sleep 

 Listen up night owls! Your skin’s restorative and replenishing powers such as cell turnover and collagen building kick in when you snooze. So say good night, and get that beauty sleep

7. Take Your Vitals

The Kiko Glow is REAL. Kiko Vitals’ Balance and Bloat provides your body with vitamins, minerals and herbs it may be lacking, leaving your gut healthy, your hormones in check, and your skin radiant! 

We hope you love our tips as much as we love giving you them.

Let’s get GLOWING Kiko Babes.

Love and light always, 

Kiko Vitals xxx

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